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Achievers at CSQS

Welcome to CSQS achievers page. This is a page for all those students who have achieved their degrees in various disciplines of safety and are now placed throughout the world.

We have also provided the email address for these, in order for aspiring students to contact them and interact.

Candidates who scored distinction and credit grades are followed by a and respectively.

Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety

Andrew Braganza

Dr. Anil Richard Dsouza

Mohammed Ismail Sabir

Suraj Suresh Salian

Total: 4 achievers

IOSH Managing Safely

Abhishek K S

Abhishek K V

Qualified: Aug 2014

Bharat P

Qualified: Feb 2015

Dayana D'souza

Qualified: Jul 2014

Divakara P B

Qualified: Apr 2015

Flavian Dsouza

Francis Menezes

J Rojina

Keertan Raj

Qualified: Aug 2014

Mohammed Farooq

Qualified: Jul 2014

Naveen P T Louis

Qualified: Sep 2015

Naveen Shetty

Neil Michael Saldanha

Qualified: Jun 2015


Puneeth Kumar B T

Qualified: Jun 2015

Rameez A

Shailesh Chandra

Shashikantha Devadiga

Qualified: Jul 2015

Vijay Dsouza

Qualified: Jul 2014
Total: 19 achievers


Abdul Azeez

Qualified: Jan 2016

Adnan Anwar

Qualified: Apr 2016

Afrid Ahmed

Qualified: Aug 2017

Ahamed Abdul Fathah

Qualified: Dec 2016

Ameer Hamza

Qualified: Dec 2016

Amith E S

Qualified: Jan 2016

Anil Jose Menezes

Qualified: Aug 2017

Azad Ahmed

Qualified: Apr 2017

Brayan Daril Periera

Qualified: Aug 2017

Brayan Mario Lobo

Qualified: Apr 2016

Dayana D'souza

Qualified: May 2017


Qualified: Aug 2017

Khader Nihal

Qualified: Dec 2016

Khateeb Saif Ali

Qualified: Apr 2017

Mahammed Ashraf

Placement: QatarQualified: Dec 2016

Mohammad Shafieq

Qualified: Jan 2016

Mohammed Ashif

Qualified: Apr 2016

Mohammed Nakeeb

Qualified: Dec 2016

Mohammed Rabeeh

Qualified: Apr 2016

Mohammed Shadhab

Qualified: Apr 2016


Qualified: Aug 2017

Pramod Kumar K

Qualified: Apr 2016

Rahul P K

Qualified: Dec 2016

Sachin R

Qualified: Apr 2016

Sharath Chandra P S

Qualified: Jan 2016

Shivaprasad B

Qualified: Aug 2017

Sudarshan A

Qualified: Sep 2015

Terrance Silvan Pashan

Qualified: May 2017
Total: 28 achievers

Nebosh IGC

Girish Kumar

Placement: EHS Officer, QatarBatch:Mar 2011

Kling Johnson

Placement: Manipal Group, MangaloreBatch:Mar 2011

Lancy D'souza

Placement: Safety Officer, J & P, QatarBatch:Mar 2011

Mohammed Athif Shaikh

Placement: QatarBatch:Mar 2011

Mohammed Sumin

Placement: Marafiq, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia.Batch:Mar 2011

N V Ramesh Babu

Batch:Mar 2011

Peter Menezes

Placement: QHSES Coordinator, WeatherfordBatch:Mar 2011

Andrew Braganza

Placement: HSE Engineer, ISPRL, MangaloreBatch:Jul 2011

Aswil Corda

Placement: Target Engg., Ruwais, Saudi ArabiaBatch:Feb 2012

Rahul V P

Placement: Dubai, U.A.EBatch:Feb 2012

Sinoj James

Placement: Etisalat, Dubai, UAEBatch:Mar 2012

Nithin Lal

Placement: HSE Officer, Dubai ShipyardBatch:Apr 2012

Vikram D'souza

Contact: QHSE Coordinator, WeatherfordBatch:Jun 2012

Binil Babu

Placement: Dy. HSE Manager, CSQS (I) Pvt. LtdBatch:Jul 2012

Nawfal Mata Abdul Rahiman

Placement: Oil RigBatch:Jul 2012

Vishal Pavithra Kumar

Placement: Saipem Drilling, Saudi ArabiaBatch:Aug 2012

Abdul Rahiman M K

Placement: Dubai, U.A.EBatch:Sep 2012

Kelvin Felix D'souza

Placement: Swiber Offshore Construction, SingaporeBatch:Oct 2012

Mohammed Ameen

Placement: AAA Al Rayes, Mechanical Contr. BahrainBatch:Nov 2012

Midhun R V

Placement: Doha, QatarBatch:Dec 2012

Royson Lloyd Pinto

Placement: Russian ProjectBatch:Jan 2013

Sudeep D Poojary

Placement: Bharati ShipyardBatch:Jan 2013

Santhosh Sequeira

Batch:Feb 2013

Mohammed Hassain

Batch:Mar 2013

Arun Castelino

Batch:Apr 2013

Melwyn Loy Rodrigues

Placement: Saudi ArabiaBatch:Apr 2013

Mohammed Anees Shaik

Placement: J & P, Doha, QatarBatch:Apr 2013

Shailesh C S

Placement: CR AsiaBatch:May 2013

Aboobaker Siddiq

Batch:Jun 2013

Delwin D'souza

Placement: Hind offshore, MalaysiaBatch:Jun 2013

Joylon Dominic Menezes

Placement: Sharaf Shipping Company, DubaiBatch:Jun 2013

Mazhar Shaik Abdul Khader

Placement: J & P, Doha, QatarBatch:Jun 2013

Santhosh Kumar

Placement: Abu DhabiBatch:Jun 2013

Melwyn Naveen

Batch:Aug 2013

Francis Menezes

Batch:Sep 2013

Rajath R Shenoy

Placement: CR AsiaBatch:Oct 2013

Jeevan Rayan Ferrao

Batch:Jan 2014

Mahesh Mohan

Placement: NTPCBatch:Mar 2014

Prasad Nair Pariyarath

Placement: Dubai, U.A.EBatch:Mar 2014

Preetham Paul Rasquinha

Batch:Apr 2014

Prasad P K

Placement: MuscatBatch:May 2014

Rajath Sadashiva

Placement: QatarBatch:May 2014

Ramanatha C M

Placement: Bharati ShipyardBatch:May 2014

Shareen Prem D'souza

Placement: Saudi ArabiaBatch:May 2014

Chandan B K

Placement: Bharati ShipyardBatch:Aug 2014

Ladson Amith

Batch:Aug 2014

Muhammad Iqbal

Batch:Aug 2014

Sunder Karkala

Batch:Aug 2014

Abdul Lateef

Placement: Dubai, U.A.EBatch:Sep 2014

Hisham Ahmed

Batch:Sep 2014


Placement: BahrainBatch:Sep 2014

Sharath Saralaya

Batch:Sep 2014

Sheikh Abdul Rahim

Batch:Sep 2014

Sudarshana R

Batch:Sep 2014

Naveena K

Batch:Oct 2014


Placement: NERIBatch:Dec 2014


Batch:Dec 2014

Francis A

Placement: QatarBatch:Dec 2014

Hari Nayanar

Placement: Maersk InternationalBatch:Dec 2014


Batch:Dec 2014

Mohammed Nawfal

Batch:Dec 2014

Praveen Peter Serrao

Placement: Reliance, Jamnagar, IndiaBatch:Dec 2014

Stuart Fernandes

Batch:Dec 2014
Note : After Dec 2014, CSQS adopted the Unit system for Nebosh IGC. This means, students take longer (by choice) to clear Nebosh IGC.

Prasanna K

Placement: Saudi ArabiaQualified:Feb 2015

Abdul Jaleel

Placement: Bharati ShipyardQualified:Mar 2015

Abdul Riyaz

Placement: QatarQualified:May 2015

Kelwyn Dsouza

Placement: Saudi ArabiaQualified:Aug 2015

Mohammed Unais

Qualified:Aug 2015

Allan Dsouza

Placement: Saudi ArabiaQualified:Sep 2015

Nitin K Naik

Qualified:Sep 2015

Abdul Azeem

Qualified:Mar 2016

Abdul Badi Siddique

Qualified:Mar 2016

Farooq M

Qualified:Mar 2016

Jyothirmayi Patteth

Placement: Bangalore AirportQualified:Mar 2016

Merril Aston Mascarenhas

Qualified:Mar 2016

Reuben Mario Fernandes

Qualified:Mar 2016

Abhinandan Shettigar

Qualified:Apr 2016

M Burhanudeen

Qualified:Apr 2016

Manoj Kumar

Qualified:Apr 2016

Naveen Melwyn Serrao

Qualified:May 2016

Hasan K A

Qualified:Jun 2016

M Shohib

Qualified:Jun 2016

Praveen B C

Qualified:Jun 2016

Renish Rodrigues

Qualified:Jun 2016

Sandeep Stanly Santhmayer

Qualified:Jun 2016

Shariq Abdul Khader

Qualified:Jun 2016

Udaya P Rai

Placement: Byrne Investments, Dammam, Saudi ArabiaQualified:Jun 2016

Abdul Latheef K A

Qualified:Jul 2016

Elston Larel Pinto

Qualified:Jul 2016

Froster Eshan D'souza

Qualified:Jul 2016

Jackson Sequeira

Qualified:Jul 2016

Prathap Shetty

Qualified:Jul 2016

Abdhullah Fahad Moidu

Qualified:Sep 2016

Derick Onil Pinto

Qualified:Sep 2016

Elroy Nithin Pinto

Qualified:Sep 2016

Prajwal Kumar

Qualified:Dec 2016

Puneeth Madhava

Qualified:Dec 2016

Sanil K A

Qualified:Jan 2017

Mohammed Rihab

Qualified:Feb 2017

Anil Mendonsa

Qualified:Apr 2017

Mahammad Safwan K A

Qualified:Jun 2017

J Rojina

Qualified:Jul 2017

Vivian Anish Monteiro

Qualified:Jul 2017

Royston G J Najareth

Qualified:Aug 2017

Maklin Paul Pinto

Qualified:Oct 2017

Vivan Agnel Menezes

Qualified:Oct 2017

Mohammed Ruman

Qualified:Feb 2018

Sandeep G Shetty

Qualified:Feb 2018

Hilfaz Mohammed

Qualified:Mar 2018

Jason Mendonca

Qualified:Mar 2018

Melroy D'souza

Qualified:Mar 2018

Preethesh Moodambail

Qualified:Mar 2018

Darren Joy Pereira

Qualified:Apr 2018


Qualified:Jun 2018

Harshith Shridhar Shetty

Qualified:Jul 2018
Total: 115 achievers with 10 distinctions and 34 credit results.

Nebosh iDip

Binil Babu

Placement: Dy. HSE Manager, CSQS (I) Pvt. LtdQualified: Jul 2014
Total: 1 achiever with 1 credit results.

OSHA 30Hour

Abdul Hameed

Avinash Roshan

Brajesh Tiwari

Imran Khan

Irfan Mohammed

Jibin Thomas

Jithin Janardhan

Koteswara Rao

Melwyn Saldanha

Mohammed Ashfaq

Mohammed Ismail Sabir

Mohammed Nishrath

Mohammed Riyaz

Neffy Henzil Dsilva

Noushad Khader

Rajesh Kumar

Rameez Raza

Ramesh Reddy

Ravinder Kumar

Shahul Hameed

Suchith Fernandes

Tariq Hussain



Victor Dsouza

Total: 25 achievers

Note: This page is still in the process of being updated. If you are an achiever from CSQS and are not listed here, Please contact us with your current details and we will update your details soon. Any other queries can also be sent to us regarding this page, Use our Contact Page